Do Canvas Prints Fade? Everything You Need to Know

Although canvas art prints have been around for many decades, they have made a more recent resurgence in the home decor industry. Canvas prints are a beautiful and cost-effective way to add unique artwork to your home. However, due to the nature of canvas prints, many individuals are concerned with their longevity.

So, do canvas prints fade over time? In short, the answer is yes. If they are not cared for and displayed properly, canvas prints will begin to fade over time. High-quality canvases are much more resistant to fading than cheaper pieces will be. Luckily, there are several ways to prolong the lifespan of your canvas print and prevent fading long into the future.

In this post, we will share a few of the more common culprits that cause canvas prints to fade. We will also provide some helpful tips for caring for and displaying your unique canvas art print in a way that prevents potential fading.

What Are Canvas Art Prints?

Canvas art prints are not necessarily a new form of art. In fact, artists have been using canvas for their artwork as far back as the 16th century! Today, canvas is used to display both original artwork and beautiful photo prints. Canvas prints are made by stretching a piece of canvas across a wooden frame. This internal frame supports the shape of the canvas art print without creating a visual distraction from the artwork.

Not only does canvas provide a unique background texture and wonderful display mechanism, but their minimalistic design also promotes great flexibility for various styles of home decor.

Benefits of Canvas Art Prints

There are many benefits to investing in canvas art prints over traditional artwork. One of the greatest benefits of this style of decor is that it allows individuals to decorate their homes with beautiful and unique canvas art prints at a fraction of the cost of the original pieces.

Many canvas print companies, such as Eternal Life Media, ensure the uniqueness of their prints by limiting the number of prints sold. By doing so, they provide the opportunity for owners to invest in unique pieces to fill their homes.

Canvas art prints also have a more minimalistic style. They can be hung without a frame, creating a more modern style. However, canvas art prints can also be displayed in a floating frame. This design is more appropriate for a traditional setting. No matter how you decide to display your canvas art print, there are a few important steps to take to prevent excessive fading.

What Causes Canvas Prints to Fade?

When investing in a canvas art print, regardless of the cost, it is important to learn proper care practices to prevent fading. To do so, however, we must learn of the most common causes of fading. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the quality of your canvas print will greatly impact the amount of fading that occurs. Inexpensive canvas prints purchased from large box stores will be highly susceptible to fading. High-quality canvas art prints, however, will stay vibrant and beautiful for many years. 

Fading can be caused by several sources, the most common culprit being light. Both natural and artificial light can cause accelerated fading of any canvas art print. Other environmental factors such as smoke, humidity, and heat can damage the quality of your canvas print and cause fading over time.

Protecting Your Canvas Prints From Fading

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to prevent your canvas print from fading! The steps you take will depend on how important the canvas print is to you. An important family heirloom, for example, will be worth a greater investment than a cheap print. 

Purchase High-Quality Canvas Prints

The first step is not so much preventative. However, it is important to invest in high-quality canvas prints to prevent fading. Purchasing prints from professional artists such as Eternal Life Media is the best way to ensure you are investing in a high-quality piece. Canvas art prints that are made using the best materials will be more resistant to damage and fading.

Display Your Canvas Print Properly

Proper placement of your canvas art print is crucial for preventing eventual fading. Hanging your canvas print directly across from a window that receives lots of sunlight will cause your canvas print to fade more quickly. UV light can also cause yellowing in some prints, another reason to keep your canvas print away from direct sunlight. For this reason, it is best to display your canvas art print where it will receive minimal amounts of sunlight to prevent excessive fading.

Another elemental factor that can damage your canvas print if humidity or heat. For this reason, it is not wise to display a high-quality art print near your bathroom or even the kitchen as these areas are known for increased humidity. 

Smoke from a fireplace, or even from cigarettes, can also cause fading and damage to your canvas, something else to keep in mind as you are deciding on where to display your new piece.

Use a Protective Frame for Display

Although many canvas art prints are left unframed, using a frame with glass can prevent the fading of your print. This is a wise step to take if the print is valuable to you, or if your wish to preserve it for many years. Many frames have glass that prevents UV rays from reaching the canvas print, this will prevent fading and preserve the natural beauty of the print.

Follow Proper Care Directions

At Eternal Life Media, we are proud to provide each of our customers with support and proper care directions following their purchase of a canvas art print. Following proper care directions will allow your print to remain vibrant and beautiful. One of the most common mistakes that people make when they purchase a canvas art print is not using caution while handling the piece.

The oils that are found on our hands can be harmful to the materials of your canvas art print. For this reason, it is important to use caution when handling your canvas print. As a general rule, it is best to leave your print in its original packaging until you are ready to display it on your wall. 

As most canvas art prints remain unframed, it is natural that they accumulate dust over time. If you believe your print may have faded, try using a duster cloth to lightly remove the dust. Dust could cause your canvas art print to appear dull and faded when it is really just in need of a good cleaning. 

When caring for your canvas art print, it is important to stay away from harmful cleaning products. Even water has the potential to damage the quality of the canvas art print. A dry duster or light rag is always the best way to clean your canvas print.

Where to Find Beautiful Canvas Art Prints

Ever since canvas art prints became popular in the home decor industry over 30 years ago, they have become increasingly popular. It seems as if canvas prints are available anywhere you look! This can make it challenging to find a canvas art print that is truly unique while also being of high quality.

Eternal Life Media has set out to change this dilemma. As artists themselves, Eternal Life Media believes that everyone should have access to beautiful, unique art at a reasonable cost. The canvas art prints that are available in their online shop are truly unique. They guarantee that you will not find them for sale at any other shop. Additionally, they limit the sale of each print to 100 pieces. This ensures that your canvas print remains unique and special to you. 

When cared for properly, canvas art prints can be the perfect addition to any space that is in need of some color. From modern, minimalistic homes to more traditional settings, a canvas art print is perfect for any space. You can learn more about the beautiful canvas art prints available at Eternal Life Media here.

Related Questions

Is it better to leave your canvas print unframed? Although canvas art prints are typically displayed without a frame, it is really a matter of personal preference. In general, unframed prints are more suited for a modern setting while framed prints are much more traditional in style. Using a floating frame (a frame without glass) can be a wonderful compromise as it frames a print without creating a glare over the image.

Can I create a gallery wall with canvas art prints? A gallery wall is a popular way to fill the space of a large room with various pieces of artwork. Canvas art prints are a wonderful addition to any gallery wall! The unframed simplicity of canvas prints allows them to easily blend into the other prints and frames that you have chosen to display. Additionally, canvas art prints can be a less expensive option as you do not have to invest in expensive framing services!

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